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Energizing East Bay

Imagine the possibilities…a public waterfront plaza, a new expanded Hands On Children's Museum, a new administrative building and WET Science Center for the LOTT Alliance showcasing reclaimed water, a destination hotel, vibrant shops, and restaurants. These projects are all part of the redevelopment of 14 acres of the Port of Olympia's East Bay property.



A working partnership between the City of Olympia, LOTT Alliance, Hands On Children's Museum, and the Port of Olympia has resulted in development of a series of dynamic projects that will energize the East Bay area. This joint effort provides numerous public benefits, including:

  • Vibrant, open, inviting public spaces
  • Destination activities to draw regional visitors to downtown
  • Comprehensive environmental cleanup
  • Unparalleled learning opportunities
  • Focus on sustainability with a rare cluster of LEED-certified buildings
  • Improved connection between East Bay, the Port peninsula, downtown Olympia, and surrounding communities
  • Revitalization of the East Bay waterfront

East Bay Public Plaza

The East Bay Public Plaza, with its many educational elements and sustainable features, serves as the heart of the East Bay District. The plaza features a water theme, celebrated through artwork, interpretive elements, a wetland pond, and a flowing stream.

The stream and wetland are the real stars of the East Bay Public Plaza. They are special, not only because they were designed with lots of features that mimic a natural stream and wetland, but because the water that feeds them mimics nature's recycling processes, too. Both the stream and the wetland pond are fed by Class A Reclaimed Water – water that has been used, cleaned, disinfected, and is ready to be used again, just like the natural water cycle! The stream is the first reclaimed water feature in the state of Washington officially approved for play – so kick off your shoes and socks and wade into this new water resource!

This project was a joint effort of the LOTT Clean Water Alliance, Port of Olympia, City of Olympia, and the Hands On Children's Museum. The East Bay Public Plaza is located at 325 Marine Drive in Olympia, Washington. The plaza is open every day from dawn to dusk. The plaza stream runs daily, 9:00 am to dusk, from the third weekend in April to the second weekend in October. The stream and plaza bathrooms are closed after the second weekend in October until the third weekend in April. The stream may be shut down periodically for maintenance. For current stream information, please call (360) 664-2333.


LOTT Alliance

The LOTT Alliance constructed a Regional Services Center and WET Science Center on its property at the south end of the Budd Inlet Treatment Plant. The Regional Services Center allows for consolidation of LOTT staff onto the plant site, eliminating the need to lease office space. The Regional Services Center is certified LEED Platinum, which is the highest level of certification for sustainable design from the U.S. Green Building Council. Many energy and resource conservation ideas were included in the building's construction, ensuring that building operation is energy and water efficient.

The building houses the WET Science Center, where visitors can enjoy interactive displays and learn about the mission of LOTT, the need for water conservation, the benefits of reclaimed water, the science of wastewater treatment, and important water quality issues. To watch the WET Center video, and check out our interactive green screen to learn more about green features at LOTT's Regional Services Center, click here.

Hands On Children's Museum

The new, and permanent, Hands On Children's Museum will improve access to early learning for our children, attract regional visitors to our communities, stimulate economic development, and provide an ideal location to view and appreciate our waterfront. The Museum's proximity to LOTT's WET Science Center provides an exciting opportunity to coordinate learning opportunities surrounding water resources, assuring that age-appropriate experiences are offered.

City of Olympia

Construction of Olympia's new City Hall and Police Headquarters, on 4th Avenue in downtown Olympia, is now complete. The site is two blocks south of the Port's East Bay redevelopment area. The new City Hall is designed to meet Gold LEED certification. The building offers customers the convenience of one-stop shopping for city services.

Port of Olympia

The Port is spearheading the work needed to make the East Bay vision a reality. Connecting streets and infrastructure were put in place to make the individual projects possible. The Port is also gaging private interest in developing mixed use in the area, including a possible hotel, retail shops, and restaurants.

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