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Hawks Prairie Ponds & Recharge Basins

A public open space and recharge facility

This 40-acre site is open to the public dawn to dusk. The purpose of the site is to reintroduce cleaned water to the environment. The Class A reclaimed water flows through a series of ponds before entering the recharge basins. This park-like setting is a great place to walk, view wildlife, and learn more about reclaimed water at several informational kiosks.

Visit Us

3001 Hogum Bay Road NE, Lacey, WA 98516

The site is located in northeast Lacey, on Hogum Bay Road north of the intersection with Willamette Drive NE. Parking is free at a small visitor lot off of Hogum Bay Road. The site is open to the public dawn to dusk, each day.

Replenishing Groundwater with Class A Reclaimed Water

At this site, Class A reclaimed water produced at the Martin Way Reclaimed Water Plant is used to replenish groundwater. The reclaimed water first flows through a series of five constructed wetland ponds. Then it flows to shallow gravel basins where it soaks into the soil and eventually mixes with groundwater. Using the water in this way provides community and environmental benefits, such as supporting streamflows and habitat for fish and other aquatic life.