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Work for LOTT

LOTT offers job opportunities with generous salary and benefits packages. LOTT also contracts for a range of services through bidding or rosters.

Clean Water Careers

The clean water field offers a variety of rewarding jobs. LOTT staff manage the wastewater treatment process and much more – including engineering, construction, maintenance, finance, planning, public outreach and education, laboratory analysis, and computer system controls. LOTT is a great place to work, with opportunities for professional development, great benefits, and a dynamic work environment.

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Salary & Benefits

Eligible employees and their family members enjoy a comprehensive benefits package, including competitive salaries, plus medical, dental, and vision coverage. LOTT offers paid state and federal holidays and generous leave accrual.

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Competitive Salaries

LOTT strives to be a workplace-of-choice. Salary surveys are regularly conducted to ensure that staff compensation is competitive in the industry.

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Medical Plans

Employees can choose from two high quality, comprehensive medical plans provided through the Association of Washington Cities (AWC) benefits trust. Coverage is available for eligible employees and their family members.

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Dental Plan

Dental benefits are provided by Washington Dental Service. This high quality plan is provided through the AWC benefits trust.

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Vision benefits are provided by the Vision Service Plan offered through the AWC benefits trust.

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Retirement Plan

Staff in eligible positions are enrolled in the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS).

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Deferred Compensation

LOTT offers two optional, employee-funded plans to help employees save for retirement – tax-deferred 457 accounts and Roth IRAs.

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Health Reimbursement

Employees contribute to a health reimbursement VEBA program for current or future health care expenses.

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Life Insurance

LOTT provides a group life insurance policy for eligible employees. Employees may apply for supplemental life insurance on a self-pay basis.

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Other Benefits

Additional benefits include Long-Term Disability, Flexible Spending Accounts, AFLAC, Guaranteed Education Tuition, and an Employee Assistance Program.

LOTT's Commitment to Staff

One of LOTT’s core values is a commitment to our workforce, including staff support, professional development, wellness, and safety. This commitment is essential to LOTT’s ability to meet its mission – it results in an overall team that is skilled, capable, motivated, and well prepared to do the job.

Employment Policies

LOTT strives to provide a safe, comfortable, and rewarding work environment for all employees. Employment policies and programs allow our employees to do their best work by offering support and resources for professional development, work-life balance, personal wellbeing, and a connection to the community we serve. LOTT is an equal opportunity employer. Discrimination against any individual in regard to hiring, promotion, discipline, or other employment practices because of age, sex, race, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation, or the presence of any physical, mental, or sensory disability is prohibited.

Labor Relations

Positive employee and labor relations are essential to creating a productive work environment. Many LOTT employees are represented by the Washington State Council of County and City Employees (WSCCCE), Council 2 of the American Federation of County and City Employees (AFSCME). LOTT uses a collaborative bargaining approach to negotiate its labor agreement with the Union. This agreement addresses wages, hours, and working conditions for represented employees.

Open Positions

For job descriptions and information on how to apply, click on an open position link or go to If the feed has no items, please check back soon for newly added openings.

Bidding on LOTT Project Work

Bid documents, including addenda, are listed by Builders Exchange. Click on “Posted Projects,” “Public Works,” then “LOTT Clean Water Alliance” to view the Advertisements for Bids. Bidders must be registered on the Bidders List to be notified of addenda.

Consultant and Small Public Works Rosters

LOTT’s consultant roster and small public works roster are hosted by the non-profit Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) of Washington in the MRSC Rosters shared online database. To join, register online and select LOTT Clean Water Alliance in your account. For registration questions, please visit MRSC Rosters or call (206) 436-3798. Consultant services of interest include architectural and engineering services, photography, and graphic design. Small Public Works projects are under $300,000 and may include installation, construction, remodeling, improvement, or repair (other than ordinary maintenance) on real property owned or leased by the LOTT Alliance, and/or emergency response to sanitary sewer spills.