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Topics: Studies and Plans

This is a cooperative effort by LOTT and the cities of Lacey, Olympia, and Tumwater to plan and offer indoor water conservation programs that reduce wastewater flows.
A summary of the LOTT Energy Usage and Emissions Inventory for 2019-2022
LOTT approved an investigation of the flowing artesian wells of the downtown Olympia area, which resulted in this 1999 analysis.
This 2019-2024 Strategic Plan includes the organizational values, goals, and objectives that form the basis for annual reporting.
The focus of the 2019-2024 internal strategic planning effort is the overall sustainability of the organization, in the context of substantial changes facing LOTT.
This scientific study helps show the extent to which Budd Inlet can be relied upon for the discharge of treated wastewater flows in the future.
This Biosolids Management Plan provides long-range capital investment and operating strategy.

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